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Kingstar's excellent culture stems from our practically making great efforts and seeking the future.

Presenting business with all respect and pursuing outstanding are our spiritual faith. Challenging self and being bold in making reforms and innovations as well as progressing with the time have been enabling us develop and make breakthroughs in the keen competitive market so that we achieve more sustaining vitality.

Kingstar looks upon its staff as most precious treasure. We have active and very experienced staffs and keep the working atmosphere energetic and harmonious. In spare time, the staff’s living is rich and colorful. Kingstar organizes tours and all kinds of sport activities regularly for its staff so that they can relax and meanwhile also improve understandings and communications between each other.

Kingstar regards the newest management ideas and administration thoughts of basing on people as development strategy all along to create outstanding staff team and first-class enterprise characters.

Our ideal is "Casting pure gold brand, founding centenary Kingstar", which leads us to advance with perseverance.

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